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Products - 3D Printing

3DiMax provides quality 3D colour physical models using the state of the art 3D printing methods.

3D printing works by creating a 3D physical model directly from digital data turning concepts and ideas into real, physical 3D models that you can hold, examine and evaluate.

Realistic 3D physical models impart infinitely more information than a computer image can provide and communicates with various audiences.

Models can be printed with rendered surfaces to give the model a more realistic look i.e. concrete, gridmesh, grating, floorboards, grass etc.

Logos, images and photos can also be printed on the model surfaces.


3DiMax can provide the following drafting services, other services can be provided on request.

  • Back modelling of 2D designs to prove concepts and to assist design reviews.
  • 2D and 3D drafting/design services to support existing design offices.
  • Engineering 3D CAD Administrative support and training to existing mining and resources engineering companies.

3D Printing Applications

Display Scale Models

Display models can be used for a variety of reasons such as advertising, company capability promotions, displaying company product lines etc.

Induction and Safety Training

Understanding where the emergency exits are, hazardous areas, permit areas, muster points, confined space areas etc.


Printing of a product before going into large scale production allows for visualisation of the product, fine tuning and refining the design before the expense of mass production set-up costs, product lines etc.

Design Validation

Proving a design can be assembled or manufactured from 3D models or drawings.

Concept Model

Models produced to show ideas and concepts to prospective clients or management decision makers. Turn concept models into real, physical 3D models that you can hold, examine and evaluate.

Presentation Models

Models produced for presentation purposes such as displays at trade expos, new product launches.

Demonstration Models

Demonstrating certain aspects of a product for training and sales purposes i.e. features of a large machine.

Low Volume Production Service

Small number of repeatable products without having the expense of setting up for large repetitive production i.e. signage lettering.

Modularisation Demonstration

Models used to demonstrate how large preassembled modules are to fabricated, items to be shipped in module, transported, installed and assembled in the final location.

Theatre and Special Effects Movie Camera Models

Scale models used for movie props.