Intelligent 3D Solutions

Is this for You?

3D printing has the following features and benefits

  • Multicolour Printer that produces realistic colour models without the need to paint.
  • Having models printed in many colours gives the benefit of presenting a more realistic model. Able to better evaluate the look, feel, and style of product designs.
  • Able to visually differentiate between detailed components within the model. If the model was printed all in one colour it is harder to visualize detail.
  • Ability to drape Google earth images, aerial photos and survey contours over surfaces to present a more realistic model.
  • Ability to assign material images to surfaces to provide a more realistic and lifelike model.
  • 3D print raised text labels, logos, design comments or images directly onto models.
  • Largest print volume commercially available within Australia for this brand of printer (508x381x299mm).
  • Larger models than this envelope can be produced by printing the model in sections and gluing them together.
  • Print larger models with fewer joins.
  • Ability to print multiple models at the same time.
  • Print speed is 5 to 10 times faster than all other technologies so we can output models in hours rather than days.