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Getting Started

To get started with printing your 3D model, please provide us with as much of the following information as possible so we can quickly supply you with an accurate quote on your requirements.

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  • What type of model is to be printed?
  • How many models are to be printed?
  • What is the original over all dimensions of model?
  • What is the required final printed model size if it is to be scaled down from the original model?
  • Is the model to be printed supplied as a 3D CAD model or is the model to be back drafted from 2D drawings or sketches?
  • Are there any images or rendering required on the models?
  • Are any embossed logos or written words required on the models?
  • Is a display cabinet required or will the model require a base to sit on?
  • When is the print project required?
  • Do you require the model to be transported to your location and installed?
  • Can you supply for quoting purposes the 3D CAD model, 2D drawings or images of the model to be printed?
  • Attach CAD models or drawing files
  • Please note file size limit on this form is 2Mb.

    Please Contact 3DiMax at for alternate methods of sending larger files.